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June ends big

Although Mike was in Ukraine we still had two fighters fighting that weekend. We saw two of our upcoming fighters alongside trainers Melayno and Soufian, fighting at a local show in Purmerend. Our youngest fighting sensation Willem “the Beuker” (destroyer) ter Horst fought a draw and Deler got another win on his record via a first round TKO victory. He started the fight strong giving his opponent a 8 count and then finished it off with a very impressive high kick.


Many people know Mike’s gym as the best and most international gym when it comes down to kickboxing but the gym is more than just kickboxing.  There are MMA, BJJ and boxing classes next to wide variety of strength and conditioning programs.  That’s why we also have some famous soccer players training at our gym and television celebrities working out to stay fit. One of the best examples of us being more than just kickboxing was proved by the beautiful ladies Anissa and Mellony in the second weekend of June. Both, champions in kickboxing, like to train other martial arts like MMA and BJJ. As a white belt they entered a B.J.J. tournament in the blue belt category and Anissa took home the gold and Mellony got 3e place. It shows you once again that these ladies are born to fight and are looking to get better and become more complete martial artists and there goal is not just to be a kickboxing champion but a fighting champion.


The last weekend of June was one of the biggest fight weeks this year as Massaro was travelling to Japan to enter the famous K-1 GP tournament. The top 8 fighters in the -65kg would face in a one night tournament. The winner needs to win 3 fights to become the K-1 Grand Prix champion. Massaro was on the right side of the bracket which included the current champion Kaew.  First he needed to defeat Noiri in a rematch who Massaro won last year. The only problem was that the referee played a huge factor in the fight. He was constantly breaking the fighters up and was warning Massaro for no real reason. He even yellow carded Massaro twice! which would cost him the fight at the end. It was clear Massaro was the better man but the judges needed to deduct him a point in two rounds so he ended up losing the fight. A very disappointing outcome and it looked like they wanted the Japanese Noiri to continue to the semifinal. He lost his next fight to current champion Kaew which saw the Thai going into the final against Dutch fighter Ilias Bulaid. Kaew won that fight and showed once again why he’s the man to beat  in the K-1 featherweight division as he now holds the championship and tournament belts.


There was not much time to really think about the loss as Mike took the plane the next day early in the morning as he needed to be in Holland on time as the big Glory show was coming to his hometown Amsterdam the next day. He landed at the airport at 18.00 and drove straight to the venue to be on time to coach Yoann Kongolo and Murthel Groenhart. Both fighters where qualified to fight in the welterweight contender tournament. The winner of the 4 man tournament will get another crack against champion Nieky Holzken. Kongolo  with Mike Passenier in his corner, started the tournament with a very high level and entertaining fight against Grigorian. A fight which was awarded fight of the night by Dutch biggest website www.mixfight.com. Kongolo took the decision victory and advanced to the final. In the other semi-final it was Murthel Groenhart against Karim Benmansour. Groenhart took the first round with ease dropping the Frenchman. The second round was much closer but in the final round Groenhart showed why he’s one of the best welterweights in the world. He closed the fight with an impressive  two knockdowns which ended the fight.


There you have it; two Mike’s gym fighters standing in front of each other fighting for the welterweight tournament final. For this fight Yoann Kongolo didn’t train at Mike’s gym for obvious reasons. Still Mike decided not to corner both of them. He was going to sit back, drink a nice beer and watch the fight. One of the two Mike’s gym fighters are going to get a rematch with Nieky Holzken and Mike his job was done. He got himself a Mike’s gym final. It was a good fight as both men didn’t show one bit that they are training partners and friends. They both wanted to knock each other out. In the second round Groenhart almost got the KO after a hard knee, Kongolo recovered and took the 8 count. The third round Kongolo knew he was behind on the scorecard so he tried hard to finish the fight but Groenhart was too experienced to avoid any big shots and won the fight via unanimous decision.  


Mike Passenier: “I will remember this month because it was a true switch of emotions. The two biggest promotions which I love the most; K-1 and Glory where in the same weekend. It couldn’t be planned better because K-1 was on Friday in my favorite country away from home, Japan and the next day we had a big Glory show in my hometown of Amsterdam. So I told my travel agency; “it doesn’t matter how you do it or if I have to take a rocket ship but I need to make it.” So luckily they found a way so I could make it on time but you can imagine it was still very stressful because one delay on the route and I would be late. About the K-1 experience I can be very simple, it’s very unfortunate for Massaro how the fight went. These are things you can’t really train for, we have a referee that was killing the fight not only for Massaro but also for Noiri and even more important the fans. We know that holding and clinching is not permitted but when two people attack at the same time they must hold to something to keep balance but for some reason he wanted to punish Massaro for it. So at the end of the day we are disappointing because we really wanted to do well in this tournament but Massaro is the most active fighter in the world anyway so he will be back next month in China so I’m not going stress too much.


Glory 31 in Amsterdam was a great success! Having two fighters of Mike’s gym in the contender tournament final is unique and I believe never happened in Glory, so we are the first and it showed great professionalism of both Konogolo and Groenhart. I have a simple philosophy about fighting teammates and that’s why make a big deal out of it, if you see them spar it’s practically the same and it’s their jobs to fight people so why not someone you know. As a trainer I can’t choose a side so I decided not to coach one of them in the final, to be honest it was fun to see a fight of one of your guys as a bystander or fan. We always try to avoid these situations as it’s not ideal but for a final you know it’s a luxury problem so that’s a good problem to have.”


02 June May Madness

Each month we have several fights worldwide and with such a team of champions it’s hard to keep up. So let’s look back what happened in the month of May as Mike's gym had 13 fights over 4 weekends in three continents. In Europe we have our home country Holland but also Belgium, Germany and Austria got to know Mike's gym. But even outside of Europe we had Russia, China and even Suriname in our travelling plans. So our title most international gym in the world is not something we made up, it's simply true!

04 April Monday March is over, welcome April

We all know that Monday is the hardest day to start the week and people always refer that Monday is not the best day of the week. Well I think we can make the conclusion that the month of March is Mike’s Monday blues.

01 December Again three titles for Mike’s gym

It’s getting a bit normal, that each weekend Mike’s gym fighters bring home belts. While it’s not easy to top the historical weekend two weeks ago we make sure to keep our goals the same and that’s to break records. This weekend wasn’t such a big catch but still manage to take home more belt then the average gym will do in a whole year. This weekend we took two world titles and one European title, so that’s still pretty impressive.

24 November From Japan back home

Another fight week in the books and like always Mike’s gym was represented worldwide. We start our journey in Japan, a special place for Mike Passenier that have experienced his biggest highlights of his career when guys like Badr Hari, Melvin Manhoef and Gokhan Saki where fighting on the biggest stage of the world. After the collapse of the big K-1 it took some time to adjust but they are coming back strong with a whole new format.

09 November Historical weekend Mike’s gym

Mike’s gym is no stranger to having multiple fights during the weekend all over the world. It’s almost weekly routine for the guys out of Mike’s gym but once in a while you have a weekend that everything falls in place and that all the hard work in the gym pays out.

03 November Yvel Power at Mike’s gym

Former Rings, Pride and UFC fighter Gilbert Yvel will start from today with a new M.M.A. training at Mike’s gym called ‘Yvel Power’. He will teach the M.M.A. class each Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday from 09.00 till 10.15 in the morning.

20 October Two weeks of fighting

It’s getting a bit predictable but again Mike’s gym had many fighters competing on several shows around the world. Let’s go back a week; as Yokkao 14 and 15 was held in the UK. It’s arguable the best muay thai show in Europe this year with big names in the world of muay thai like Sanchai, Singdam Kiatmoo9, Jordan Watson, Liam Harrison and you can also add Massaro Glunder and Jordan Pikeur to that list now.

29 September Fabio Kwasi and Dion Staring victorious

This weekend Mike’s gym had three fighters competing; on Friday coach Oscar Roque travelled to Bosnia to coach one of the talents out of Mike’s gym, Fabio Kwasi. He took on Mladen Kujundzic in the co-main event of the WFL show.

25 September Mike’s gym the most international gym of the world

There are many great gyms in the world and even in Holland there are some great places to train but there is no gym in the world that is so active in the world than Mike’s gym. Almost each week one of our fighters are fighting in arena’s all over the world.

24 August Busy month for Mike’s gym

The month august is almost over and we can look back at a very productive and busy month for our Mike’s gym fighters fighting all around the world. We start august 1 where Superkombat was holding their big Romanian event which was aired live on Eurosport. Superkombat established themselves as one of the leading kickboxing promotions in Europe.

13 July Hari & Groenhart fight in August

While the new names of Mike’s gym are taking over the K-1, the establish names like Badr Hari and Murthel Groenhart will also be back in action. Murthel Groenhart will kick off the month of August and will fight again for Glory and Badr Hari will be back and will take on Ismael Londt.

06 July K-1 Taste of Victory

July 1 the black and yellow squad of Mike’s gym travelled to the land of the rising sun; Tokyo, Japan. This time the K-1 was holding their famous 8 man tournament at -70kg. Sergey Adamchuk got a reserve spot in case one of the main fighters wasn’t able to continue and Jordan “Shaggy” Pikeur was part of the tournament. Kickboxing sensation Massaro Glunder got the opportunity to fight a superfight against highly respected Kimura Minoru.

22 June Superkombat, K-1 promotion and seminar

Just like last weekend, there was enough activities to talk about. The week started Thursday as trainers Mike and Walter took the plane to Romania to have 4 fighters competing at Superkombat. Onur Sahin, Gokhan Gedik, Fabio Kwasi and Colin George where all ready to take on their Romania opponents.

16 June Another international weekend for Mike’s gym

It’s almost each weekend that numerous of Mike’s gym trainers, fighters or supporters are representing the gym all over the globe and this weekend was no different.

08 June Sergey Adamchuk in huge upset in Glory

What a big weekend for Sergey Adamchuk, when he woke up Thursday he would never expected that his weekend will turn his career around. On Thursday around 15.00 he got the call asking if he could fight the next day at Glory in Lille, France.

27 May Chris Baya victorious and Massaro robbed

Last weekend Chris “Bad News” Baya travelled with Mike and Oscar to Riga, Latvia. The event could be watched live on www.fightboxlive.com and saw a welterweight tournament between Jevgenijs Aleksejevs, Rain Kaerkinen, Piotr Woznicki and Sergei Morari. Chris would fight a super fight in the lightweight division and took on hometown favorite Kristaps Bulmeistras.

21 May Mike’s gym fighters in the K-1

Three Mike’s gym fighters will travel to Japan to participate in the K-1 70kg tournament which will be held on July 4 in Japan. The K-1 is famous for their 8 man tournaments where 8 fighters will fight for the tournament title. So in order to win the belt you have to beat three fighters in a row on the same night.

11 May Innocent Anyanwu new boxing trainer

The famous pro boxer Innocent Anyanwu will start teaching the boxing class at Mike’s gym. Three times a week on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 19.00 till 20.00 people can learn from this champion. Innocent was born in Nigeria and at the age of 12 his mother passed away and he moved to Cameroon to become a professional boxer in Germany. In 2001 he came to Holland and start training at Martin Jansen.

04 May Gokhan Gedik and Jordann “Shaggy” Pikeur victorious

Mike’s gym represent itself again this weekend as Turkish fighter Gokhan Gedik took a fight in Schotland and Jordann “Shaggy” Pikeur had to fight Monday at Krush in Tokyo, Japan

21 April Another great weekend for Mike’s gym

It was yet another important fight weekend for Mike’s gym. It all started on Friday where Gokhan Saki was finally back in the ring after a yearlong lay off.  Like expected he won the fight against a very durable opponent, Ciobanu. After the fight Mike Passenier took the plane back to Holland to be in the corner of Chris Baya but meanwhile Oscar Roque was in Japan to help out Massaro Glunder for his biggest fight of his career.

16 April Saki & Massaro this weekend!

It’s going to be an awesome fight week for Mike’s gym. Just like last week Mike’s gym fighters will be active all over the world. Dion who was in Tokyo and Sergey who took the European ISKA belt back home from France is it now time for prospect Massaro Glunder and worlds best fighter Gokhan Saki.

13 April Big fight weekend for Mike’s gym

Mike Passenier is at the moment in Dubai helping prepare Saki for his upcoming fight on April 17 for GFC. While Mike is not home at Mike’s gym still fighters are competing over the whole world.

09 April Massaro Glunder vs Masaaki Noiri April 19 at K-1 Japan

Massaro Glunder got a great opportunity and step up in competition when the K-1 promotion asked him to fight against one of the best featherweights in the world Masaaki Noiri. The young Japanese superstar Noiri was originally matched against the K-1 GP winner Kaew-Fairtex but the Thai fighter had to withdraw from the fight due to an injury.

08 April RIP Sergii Lashchenko

Ukrainian heavyweight Sergii Lashchenko passed away today after he got shot. According to several news outlets Sergii got into an altercation earlier and checked himself into the emergency room in a nearby
hospital. Most likely because he got injured during the altercation.

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